The Curve Ball

The funny thing we call life sometimes throws us a curve ball but in the end it turns out to be in our favor. With that being said today threw me for a loop. I woke up at 7:00 am with my head throbbing.It felt like someone had hit me in the head a couple of dozen times.

For anyone that knows me well, they know that I get migraines when it is going to storm. This is due to the barometric pressure. Today, I had no clue it was even going to rain other than Justin briefly mentioning it on our evening walk yesterday. So today I spent the day in bed. I made that dreadful call no one really wants to make into my job and then I sent Justin a text. I needed Justin to just hold my head and make all the pain go away. Although I knew he wasn’t going to leave work, I begged him anyway. He told me Mo-Mo was in charge and just that cracked a smile even through all the pain.

As I laid in my pitch black room I thought back to all those days I would miss school because I was sick. You know those days way back when you knew mom was going to take care of you but when you “grow up” mom isn’t there anymore and you are on your own. Today, I was on my own with nurse Snuggles and Dr. Mo-Mo. It was rough but we made it through. After sleeping for quite some time I woke up and Snuggles was on one side of me and Mo-Mo was on the other side. So I did a little photo shoot and they are adorable! But I also woke up and realized that is exactly what I needed.

I needed to sleep and forget about everything for the day. Regardless of the headache for that brief moment there was no stress, no thoughts, and no worries. Sometimes that is just what we need is that day to float away. I know its a lot easier than done! But after I had woken up I realized that I didn’t need Justin or mom to make it go “away”, I needed that R&R.

When I say life throws us a curve ball, almost everyone can relate. We all have our own story, our own life, and our own commitments. When something unexpected happens we just want to shut down but if we always shut down, where would we be today? I have a friend who is going through one really tough time right now and although she wants to shut down I keep pushing her. I reminded her again tonight that she just needs to have that brief moment that where she floats away from life. We all do!

Every night when I sit here and write, I get lost in my words. Life floats away for that brief moment regardless of what I am going through. Regardless of the curve ball called life 🙂

Kitty Love


09/08/2015- The Next Day

The funny thing we call life is unpredictable. Today was a different kind of day. Isn’t every day? Justin once asked me when we first got together if I was a realist or an optimist. At the time if I recall correctly, I said something along the lines of being a little of both. But, as I sit here in his recliner I would have to say I am an optimist.

For instance, I would love for this blog to go “somewhere” but in all reality, this is just the story of my life and the crazy one I was given.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Lets get into the real excitement of today. Oh jeez, where to start? I rolled out of my very new king size Bowels mattress with no idea where today would land me. Well, it didn’t land me very far if that is what you were hoping for. Instead I made my way to the Kuerigg machine where I was soon to discover that we were out of K-Cups. I took my loss and thought to myself, “I can do without the coffee, lets just get to work on time.” I made it safely after encountering all of the other drivers who can not drive! Enough said.

Wait where was I?? Oh yeah, the excitement! After getting home from work I can’t find Sugar and on top of that my dad was ahead of me by like 7,000 steps via the fit bit! AHHHHHH! So, off I go looking for Sugar and I can’t find her anywhere! I looked under the bed, in the closets, and in all cabinets. Still no Sugar! We started turning over the furniture and low and behold! Sugar has managed to get herself into the couch! Keep in mind the couch is maybe 1 1/2 in. off the ground and she is INSIDE the couch!

I got her out safely but onto this step situation. After making dinner and cleaning up my small apartment, I was determined to beat my dad at his own game! Currently we are neck in neck and I am only 485 steps behind him! Back to stepping I go. 🙂

The start

Oh wow! I can’t believe I am starting a blog. As I sit here and type it still seems so surreal. But let’s try and get through this first one smoothly.

So how does anyone “start” a blog. I have not one single clue. Does anyone really know how to start something on the first try? I know in the last 24 years of my life every time I try and start something new it is never per say, “right”. Life takes practice, patience, and wisdom. Some of which I think each of us lack.

I have many questions for myself as I sit here. Just like everyone else my thoughts aren’t exactly aligned. Picture yourself as me as you read along. But before I start to ramble on about the funny thing we call life, I want to introduce the ones you will read about the most.

Justin- He is the so I say, fiance. As I sit here in his recliner he is sitting on the couch next to me, He has his headphones on and is probably listening to some heavy metal rock band because that’s just what he does. When people ask how Justin and I met, things become, oh how do I say this…, awkward! How do you tell your family and friends that you were on the verge of being alone forever when you became curious? You started downloading dating apps onto your cellular device and BAM!!!  I met the love of my life! I never thought in a million years that I would fall in love with someone via an “app”. But here we are today ONLY almost 10 months later and we are getting married!!!!! I have no doubt in my mind the love I have for this man! He is absolutely the definition of my type of perfect! To be continued because this subject is never ending.

Gizmodious Alabaster (AKA: Mo-mo, Mosyous, Gizmo, Modious, and naturally “little shit”- Ok, ok, I know he has many names but he is our first fur-baby!! He is a character, let me tell you! Every morning he has so much to say! First, he wants the curtians open in the bedroom. Then, he wants the fan turned off. Eventually it just comes down to… you do what Mo-mo wants or he will meow until you get the picture. He loves to nibble or as I say, chew your hands off! I don’t know why he is such a fussy little kitty but never the less, we love him! But he might be this way due to our new addition and next but not least…. SUGAR.

Sugar (AKA: Snuggles)- She just arrived Friday and we haven’t been given the chance to experience her personality too much. But, the little bit we have been allowed to experience is that she is a snuggler! Right now she is still a little leary of mo-mo because he does nothing but growl at her. However, she likes to sneak up on the bed and snuggle with Justin and I when Mo-mo isn’t looking and we have fallen in love with her already!

The funny thing we call life will be continued by tomorrow at 11:00 pm. Stay tuned 🙂